About the Library

What We Do

The Ethics Video Library is an online resource designed for Humanist educators and parents to use with their students and children.  We search the internet for engaging an educational videos on everything from the philosophy of ethics to lessons on critical thinking to explanations of evolution and the wonders of the natural world around us.

Why We Do It

We hope to nurture a new general that embodies the ideals of critical thinking; is empathic and socially active; and is well informed about economics, politics, philosophy, and the world around them.

There are a lot of videos out there on the internet.  With this Library we hope to cut through mine through the rock to find those few shining gems.  We also hope to aid teachers and parents by preparing engaging discussion questions to dive deeper into the materials our videos discuss.

Who We Are

This project is a collaboration of the American Ethical Union and Camp Quest.  For more information on these wonderful, family friendly Humanist organizations – and to find a location near you – please check out their respective pages about above.