How To Use This Site

SEARCH TOOLS include a list of 13 distinct categories in the drop down menu on the right and a search tool where you can enter in keywords and phrases.  In the Recent Videos page above you can skim through our newest videos.  Below are several ideas about how to use these search tools in your lesson plans.

USER FEEDBACK is hugely appreciated!  At the bottom of each individual video entry is a space for discussion.  Let us – and other teachers and parents! – know what you think of the video, what discussion questions worked best, what additional issues came up, and so on.  You can also contact us directly on our Stay Connected page to let us know about broken links, new video ideas you have, questions abut the site, if you’d like to join our team of curators, and other issues and queries.

LESSON PLANNING is our main focus and there are a number of ways parents and teachers can use this site to that end.  The Library is designed to be user friendly and searchable so that you can find what you’re looking for – even if you don’t quite know what that is!  Below are some ideas for incorporating the Library into your lessons.

Choose a Video with Your Kids

Simply sit down with your students or kids and start browsing together.  Skim through the lists of videos and vote on one that interests everyone.  Letting students decide what they want to watch helps make sure that they’re not only interested in the content, but also have a voice in their own education and learning.

We upload videos daily, so you can browse through our most recent videos to see what’s new, or you can pick a category together and dive in.  We have 13 themes ranging from Psychology & Our Emotions to Ethics & Moral Theory  to  Politics & Economics.  Younger kids may also enjoy hearing a story from our list of myths, fables, and parables in Storytelling for Children.

Find the Right Video For Your Lesson Plan

Sometimes it’s hard to find quality videos for the activity you’ve prepared.  And good, quality videos are a very important aid in almost any lesson plan.  No one is an expert in all the moral and social issues that matter to us.  So it’s often necessary to let the experts explain the topic using enlightening examples and engaging graphics we can’t prepare ourselves.

To supplement your lesson plan make sure to give the Library a search.  We have hundreds of videos, covering topics from Sartre’s Existentialism to the abortion debate, and the philosophy of Virtue Ethics to the politics of the EU.  The Library also helps bear the burden of designing a lesson plan with ready made discussion questions and suggestions for related videos.

Assign Homework & Essays

Our video entries make perfect homework assignments.  After you’ve finished your lesson, you can assign a video to watch and then discussion questions to answer as homework.  Our discussion questions aim to cover not just the key terms, theories, and ideas discussed in the video, but also ask questions that push those ideas a few steps further.  We believe it’s important for kids to express their own opinions and ideas instead of just repeating what adults tell them.

Skim for New Ideas & Inspiration

Don’t have an idea yet for your next activity?  No worries.  Just wander around the site until something interesting pops up.  Or maybe some part of your lesson plan fell through last minute and you have an hour to fill?  No worries.  Sit down and sift through our videos or pick something to watch together your kids.  We have a list of discussion questions already prepared that will certainly keep curious minds engaged.

Whether you look through our most Recent Video Uploads or pick one of our 13 categories in the right hand tool bar, we guarantee something will spark your interest.  You can also search keywords to see what pops up.  Happy hunting!