Our Curators

Paul Chiariello (Managing Editor)

Paul ChiarielloPaul is the national Director of Camp Quest’s Ethics and Philosophy Curriculum Taskforce, a member of the AEU’s Ethics Education committee, and has an MSc in Comparative Education.  Paul’s passion for ethics, education, and humanism has – in a completely unexpected turn of events – led him to the growing field of humanist ethics education.  In addition, Paul loves books, poi, board games, traveling, meeting new people, and the occasional drawn out discussion about semantic minutia.

Caroline Martin (Gender & Sexuality Curator)

IMG_2069Caroline is the Camp Director of Camp Quest Smoky Mountains. She has been involved with Camp Quest since 2009 and has held a variety of roles at multiple camp locations. She graduated from Agnes Scott College with a degree in Dance and Religious Studies. Caroline is a current member of Columbus Modern Dance Company in Columbus, Ohio. Caroline and her husband foster kittens through a local shelter and enjoy going to the movies, traveling, and a good Netflix binge.

Hugh Taft-Morales (Curator)

DSC_0995 copyBorn and raised in CT, Hugh earned a Masters in Philosophy from University of Kent at Canterbury.  He taught philosophy and history for twenty-five years in Washington, D. C..  In April of 2009 he graduated from the Humanist Institute. He currently is leader of the Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia and the Baltimore Ethical Society. He serves as Secretary of the National Leaders Council of the American Ethical Union (AEU) and is editor of the AEU’s Ethical Action Report.  Hugh lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, with his wife, Maureen, and has three wonderful children – Sean (28), Maya (23), and Justin (20).  Hugh’s hobbies include yoga, singing and playing guitar, and “watching way too much sports.”

Vincent Downing (Curator)

Smartphone1 006Vincent Downing is an artist-activist-philosopher and a pragmatist who enjoys helping projects like the Ethics Video Library.  He is a member of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture.  In addition to volunteering with a range of other activities at the society, he is the founder and organizer for the Ethics Lab, a place for mental tinkerers to weekly discuss and implement their musings about life and how to live.

 Former Currators

Zane Ferguson (Curator)

ZaneZane Ferguson is a Psychology PhD candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center who studies Behavioral Neuroscience and occasionally attends the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture. He is also an adjunct lecturer at Hunter College where he teaches Statistical Methods in Psychology. He specializes in science communication/education, with broader passions for reason, freethought, justice, humanism, progress, and so forth.

Lea Bender (Curator)

Lea BenderLea is the Director of the Ethics for Children program at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture and the Chair of the Ethics Education Committee for the American Ethical Union.  She has worked with diverse populations of children in a range of environments: from theater workshops to juvenile detention facilities.  Lea believes in the use of creativity and play to promote learning and personal development and to encourage new ways of interacting with our environment and communities. Lea encourages children to act on their convictions and use their voices in and out of class.