The Five Major World Religions [11:09]


This TED-Ed video uses a beautiful range of pictures to quickly introduce the five major current world religions: first Hinduism, then Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and lastly Islam.  It discusses the basics of their history, major beliefs, and demographics. It also includes a quick, good intro and outro to the topic of comparative religion.

Discussion Questions

  • Can you name some of the Hindu Gods and what they represent?
  • How do you achieve ‘moksha’ in Hinduism?
  • What was so new about Judaism?
  • After the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem what happened?
  • What was the analogy that set off a ‘eureka!’ moment for the Buddha?
  • What causes suffering in Buddhism and how can we reduce it?
  • Why is Jesus so central to Christianity?
  • What facts did you learn about Christianity you may have not known before?
  • What are the five pillars of Islam?
  • What is so special about the Quran for Muslims?

Keywords: religion, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, history, Islam, Judaism, dogma, doctrine, belief, culture,


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