Can Science Explain the Origin of Life [7:10]


We don’t know where life originally came from – and that’s OK.  But we certainly have a few good ideas.  This video starts with a discussion of the basics of natural selection and the theory of evolution.  It then states the two initial hurdles for theories of the origin of life many Creationists bring up, namely that modern single celled life is too complex and natural selection can’t operate without reproduction being already present.  It then discusses early and modern definitions of life and the theory the life emerges from basic chemistry.

Discussion Questions

  • What difficulties do Creationists bring up about theories of the origin of life?
  • How is life different from non-life?
  • Do you think we’ll ever understand where life started?
  • Do you think life is common, or even inevitable?  Is there life on other planets?

Keywords: evolution, abiogenesis, origin, life, natural selection, vitalism, chemistry, naturalism, creationism, intelligent design


What Did you Think of the Video??

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