6 Insane Stereotypes That You Still See in Every Movie [7:48]


Cracked.com has put together a really great conversation between four friends at a diner.  Specifically they discuss, in their own words, the move from explicit racism in movies to a more indirect soft, and often well meaning, racism we see too often today.  The six stereotypes they discuss are 1) that all old black people are full of folksy wisdom, and are even magical; 2) the recent move to the wise, expert friends; 3) the lack of being able to show an imperfect, affectionate gay couple; 4) the the continued lack of inter-racial relationships; 5) violence against women even if they’re the ‘bad guy’ (only men get violently killed); and 6) the strange bias against left-handed people.

Discussion Question?

  • What are some recent movies that fit these stereotypes?
  • Why do you think that these stereotypes are used so often?
  • What are some other stereotypes that you can think of?

Keywords: entertainment, Hollywood, homophobia, media, movies, racism, relationships, stereotypes, ethics, morality


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