Economic Growth is Not Enough [3:26]


Global economic growth has been skyrocketing for decades.  However, inequality has been growing just as quickly and now much of that economic growth itself is earned by the wealthiest.  Kate Raworth discusses the problems with this focus, namely degradation, deprivation, and inequality.  The early economists who founded this model, Kate cites, argued we should focus on more.  The remainder of the video discusses what other things we must aim towards, like human rights, basic needs, flourishing, sustainability, and community.

Discussion Questions

  • What should national and global economies be aimed at producing?  And how could we change to reach these new aims?
  • Many people worry that taxes and wealth distribution is ‘stealing’, or unfair if you charge rich people more, is it?
  • Is inequality really something we should be concerned with?  Many argue that some poor people deserve it?
  • What happens if an economic system is unsustainable in terms of increasing inequality?  In terms of the environment?

Keywords: capitalism, development, inequality, society, wealth, sustainability, economics


What Did you Think of the Video??

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