The Fox and the Stork – Aesop’s fables [1:46]


This classic story gives a great example of the need for perspective taking.  Too often we interpret others’ needs, abilities, preferences, goals, wants, and so on through our own – but we all want and need different things.  For instance, we give people gifts that we want to receive instead of thinking what they’d like most.  This story recounts two friends’ tricks on each other over dinner.

Discussion Questions

  • Has anyone ever given you a birthday present they wanted, but you didn’t?  How might this make you feel?
  • How did the stork feel when he couldn’t eat the Fox’s dinner?  Do you think the Fox meant to be mean or forgot about the stork’s long beak?
  • What about the stork’s trick?
  • What can we do to make sure we think about our friends’ needs and what they want first?

Keywords: stories, storytelling, children, kids, friendship, empathy, perspective taking


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