The Divided Brain [11:47]


This RSA video discusses the differences and importance of our right and left hemispheres.  In comparison to other animals and our recent evolution, our hemispheres have become even more separated.  However, most of the simple distinctions made about the two sides are incorrect.  Reason, imagination, and other faculties require both.  Instead, the different hemispheres each model the world in very different ways – both of which are needed, though we might need the right more now.

Discussion Questions

  • What are some things you’ve heard the left and right brains control?
  • What two ways does the video say our brains model the world?
  • Why are both models needed?  What if you only had just one way of modeling the world?
  • Do you agree our society is too biased toward the left hemisphere right now?

Keywords: psychology, neuroscience, neurology, brain, society


What Did you Think of the Video??

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