The Power of Outrospection [10:28]


Our individualistic society constantly stresses looking within our own selves.  However, as collaboration becomes more important, skills like empathy and perspective taking which look outside will become more important.  RSA discusses how empathy can improve your relationships, move beyond labels, and change politics.  The author discusses both effective and cognitive empathy.  He details stories about George Orwell, Israel-Palestine, slavery in England, and the climate change debate and proposes an ’empathy museum’.

Discussion Questions

  • What is the difference between effective empathy and cognitive empathy or perspective taking?  Why are both important?
  • If you stepped into a different community like George Orwell, where would you go and why?
  • How would you stock an empathy museum?  What would you showcase?
  • Why do you think is empathetic connection so important for removing stereotypes and hate?

Keywords: career, empathy, extrovert, introspection, introvert, perspective taking, self-help, psychology


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