Why Should We Be Moral [2:34]


Philosophy Professor Peter Singer discusses one of the most important questions we can ask: “Why should we be moral?”  Asking what actions are moral is often pretty easy – don’t murder, be nice, tell the truth, etc.  But why should we do any of that these things?  This is especially important if Humanists are “good without god” and therefore don’t rely on some deity to punish or reward us.  Singer argues that, in the long run, and concerning our real interests, being moral is better for us.  This is often called enlightened self interest.

Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think we should be moral?
  • What does Singer mean by ‘our real interests’?
  • Do you think moral people are better off?
  • Does power or money provide happiness?  What kind of things really add value to life?
  • What does Singer mean by being moral leads to more ‘satisfaction with life’?

Keywords: moral theory, ethics, motivation, Peter Singer, happiness, flourishing


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