The Art of the Metaphor [5:38]


Sometimes we speak directly, but most often we speak figuratively and with metaphors.  But more than that “the hot chilli peppers of metaphors explode in our ears and our minds.”  Metaphors permeate daily communication and add flavor to it.  Metaphors aren’t true or untrue, in the ordinary sense, but can still be right, wrong, appropriate, or off.  They’re art, not science.  This video explores the use, importance, semantics, and patterns of the metaphors we love.  The narrators takes many examples from literature, poetry, and common colloquialisms.

Discussion Questions

  • What are some of your favorite metaphors and poems?
  • Try describing some of the things around you in metaphors.
  • What would communication be like without metaphors?
  • How can metaphors help us understand the world better than dry, denotative descriptions of it?

Keywords: poetry, literature, metaphor, simile, language, beauty, communication, art,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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