Three Anti-Social Skills to Improve Your Writing [3:44]


Want to be a better writer?  This video discusses three basic (anti-social) writing skills or tips you need for your next story, 1) eaves drop on others conversations and take notes, 2) pretend your new characters and real and spend some time with them, and 3) mutter to yourself and say your dialogue out loud.  And of course, write it all down.

Discussion Questions

  • Practice some of these out in the real world.  Write down or take notes of conversations you over hear (but of course be polite).
  • What are some character you’re thinking about?  Ask each other questions about their favorite movies, political philosophy, dream job, and so on.
  • Try having a conversation with yourself where you play both sides.

Keywords: skills, literature, art, novel, short story, creative writing


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