Diversity & Inclusion: Love Has No Labels [3:19]


This beautiful and moving video, made on Valentine’s Day 2015, uses an enormous ‘x-ray’ machine to show us that we’re all the same underneath and that love has no labels or boundaries.  Race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, and gender have no bearing on who and how we love.  Underneath we’re all the same and all capable of love and forming meaningful relationships, and that’s what matters.

Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think so many people are discriminate over others’ race, ethnicity, gender, and so on?
  • What are some types of relationships and identities not discussed that might be included?  (e.g. polyamory, asexuals, polygamy, political parties, or nationality)
  • What really matters when two people love each others?

Keywords: ageism, disability, abelism, homophobia, racism, sexual orientation, gender, discrimination, stereotypes, love, relationships, bigotry,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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