Epicurus and His Cure for Unhappiness [9:34]


The Ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus was one of the first agnostics, and I would even say Humanists.  Epicurus has a four point list of maxims, called the tetrapharmakos, that everyone needs to understand in order to cure the unhappiness we all face during life.  They are 1) god is nothing to fear, 2) death is nothing to worry about, 3) it is easy to acquire the good things in life, and 4) it is easy to endure the terrible things.  The video explains each and Epicurus’ arguments for them.

Discussion Questions

  • What are the four arguments Epicurus makes?
  • Do you think that his arguments succeed?
  • Do you think they really would help us deal with the unhappiness and uncertainty we face in life?

Keywords: ethics, moral theory, Epicurus, happiness, hope, god, death, fear, flourishing, tragedy, philosophy, anxiety,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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