This Video Will Make You Angry: How Memes Work [7:25]


A very engaging discussion of memes and how they both operate in general and especially over the internet and in debates.  The video starts with a broad description of memetics and how it operates using the same principles as evolution and natural selection.  Our thoughts, the video argues, are alive like germs are.  This is true of academic ideas, jokes, political platforms, social media, racism, funny cat pictures, and so on.  The video then focuses on the most contagious type of meme, namely those that hijack our emotions of anger.  This has tons of repercussions for debates, politics, religion, and the internet.

Discussion Questions

  • How are memes like genes?
  • How do memes evolve and spread?  What kinds of traits help memes reproduce?
  • How does the internet help memes spread?
  • How can we inoculate ourselves or our group against ‘anger meme’ germs?

Keywords: internet, communication, debate, meme, evolution, media, anger, emotions, psychology, politics, culture,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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