How Many Countries Are There? [5:25]


A straightforward question, but only at first glance.  The video goes over several organizations and clubs that would at first appear to give an authoritative total, like the United Nations and the Olypmics.  The video discusses the many territories and states that apply to seeking to be recognized, such as Palestine, Kosovo, South Assetia, Puerto Rico, and Taiwan, and the chaotic politics surrounding it all.  This includes the US’s own mixed path with our Revolutionary and then Civil Wars.  In the end, a country seems to be a country if other countries acknowledge it as a country.

Discussion Questions

  • What makes something place a country?
  • Why do you think many of these groups fight for independence?  Why do other groups fight against it?
  • Why is there so much politics and controversy over recognizing a territory as an independent country?

Keywords: country, politics, nationality, borders, Palestine, United Nations


What Did you Think of the Video??

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