Peter Singer on ‘How to Live an Ethical Life’ [5:09]


Philosopher Peter Singer discusses what it means to live a moral life today.  The first suggestion Singer gives is to decrease our carbon footprint.  The second is to address global poverty by, in part, increasing what we give to charity.  Singer focuses mostly on the practical and political issues surrounding these two issues.

Discussion Questions

  • Do you think that climate change and global poverty are the biggest moral and social issues we face today?  Why do you think Singer thinks they’re the most important?
  • What else might you add to the list?
  • What are some things we can do in our daily lives to change our carbon footprint?
  • Do you think it’s selfish to be (relatively) rich while so many others are starving and you can do something about it?  How much, if any, are you responsible to give?

Keywords: Singer, moral theory, ethics, poverty, climate change, responsibility, charity,


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