Are You Alone In the Universe? [6:43]


This video first looks at what it means to be ‘you’.  Are we a group of atoms/cells or our brains?  It then looks at how we are connected to others people, in evolutionary history, and with the rest of the universe.  It turns out that we probably don’t have any special place in the universe and can’t make much of an ‘impact’ on it.  However, does it really matter?  We’re intimately interconnected with every animal species that has come before us and made from the atoms fused in ancient stars.  And that’s pretty cool.

Discussion Questions

  • How are we connected with the earliest life on earth?  The earliest stars in the universe?
  • What did you learn or find most inspiring in the video?

Keywords: universe, meaning, purpose, evolution,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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