How to Make a Humanzee [3:54]


There are tons of cross species hybrids, such as mules and ligers, but is it possible – and ethical – to make a chimpanzee and human hybrid?  The video briefly argues that it would be immoral since we’d be creating a sentient creature who would very likely have many disorders and be the only member of it’s species.  It then spends the rest of the video arguing that, nonetheless, it would be biologically possible.

Discussion Questions

  • Why does the author argue it would be immoral to breed a Humanzee?  Do you agree?
  • What if we bred a whole community and had the knowledge to cure their genetic disorders?  Are there any other reasons it might not be the right thing to do?
  • Are there any benefits to breeding a Humanzee?
  • Imagine you were a Humanzee.  What would it be like?  Is it even possible to imagine?

Keywords: human nature, experiment, ethics, morality, transhumanism, genetics, bioethics, cloning


What Did you Think of the Video??

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