Who was Socrates? [3:15]


This cute video about the life and main ideas of Socrates.  The video starts with some basic descriptions of the man as described by Plato and other ancient sources.  It then focuses on Socrates quest for knowledge, interviewing intelligent people all around Greece.  As Socrates showed that even these experts didn’t have the answers, he finally understand that he was wise himself, but only because he recognized that he didn’t know either.

Discussion Questions

  • What was Socrates’ mission that he took from the Oracle of Delphi?
  • What did Socrates decide after he had questioned experts across Greece?
  • Why do you think people didn’t like Socrates?
  • How do our beliefs affect our actions?
  • What did video mean by “the wisdom of not thinking you know something that you don’t.”

Keywords: ancient Greece, Socrates, philosophy, knowledge, famous freethinker


What Did you Think of the Video??

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