SafeSchools Alert: What is Bullying? [2:26]


This video sets up a three part definition of bullying, separating it from harassment and intimidation.  Bullying is 1) harmful, 2) unfairly matched, and 3) repeated.  The video doesn’t cover many ways to handle bullying (it just recommends talking to adults), but this definition does help start the discussion on what bullying looks like.

Discussion Questions

  • What separates bullying from harassment and other forms of hurting others?
  • What does the video argue are the three characteristics of bullying?
  • Have you ever been bullied?  or bullied others?  What happened?
  • What are some situations which are like bullying, but don’t have one or more of these three characteristics?

Keywords: bully, bullying, fighting, social skills


What Did you Think of the Video??

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