Should We Eat Bugs? [4:51]


People have been eating bugs, known as entomophagy, since there first were people, and most societies still do today.  So why don’t many Westerners eat insects any more?  This video discusses modern shifts in diet and our disgust of bugs as well as why we should probably start eating bugs again.  It turns out that for reasons as diverse as animal welfare, health concerns, and global warming we should be adding bugs to our menu.

Discussion Questions

  • Why don’t many Westerners eat bugs today?
  • Would you eat a cricket or meal worm if you have one if front of you?
  • Why are bugs disgusting?  Does it have to do with how they are, or how we and our society is?
  • What are the environmental and other moral reasons why, as a society, we should probably start eating insects?  Are there any reasons against?
  • Do you think, like the lobster, Americans will someday see insects as a delicacy?

Keywords: insects, bugs, food, economics, vegetarianism, consumption, environmentalism


What Did you Think of the Video??

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