Monkeys and Morality: Crash Course Psychology [11:36]


This video surveys a range of the basic concepts and experiments in developmental psychology.  The video starts with one of the saddest but most illuminating studies on attachment done with very young monkeys, with which, in a series of experiments, they were separated from their mothers.  Whether or not it was worth it, the results showed that attachment to others isn’t about what they can do for us, but is important in itself and necessary for psychological well being.  The rest of the video explores a number of other studies in ethology and child development (see questions below).

Discussion Questions

  • What is ‘attachment’?  And why did we evolve this disposition?
  • What are the three kinds of attachment styles discussed in the video?
  • What is a ‘self concept’?  And is it important?
  • What are the three kinds of parenting styles?  Which is the most healthy?
  • What is the Heinz Dilemma and how would you answer the it?
  • What are Kohlberg’s three levels of moral development?

Keywords: apes, chimpanzees, morality, evolution, psychology, human nature, children, development, social, relationships, parenting


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