The Pros and Cons of Opinion Polls [4:24]


This great TED Ed video discusses the various reason opinion polls can both help and harm our discussions about social and political issues.   They’re definitely necessary, but we should all be skeptical and make sure to do our research when reading about one.  A great video for helping develop skeptical and critical thinkers.

Discussion Questions

  • What is a sample?  What does a good sample look like?
  • What is interviewer bias and a push poll? What are some examples?
  • In what ways are opinion polls important?  What if we didn’t have them?
  • In what ways can they be harmful?  What happens in such cases?
  • How can we critically think through the polls we read about?

Keywords: polls, politics, survey, bias, interview, information, education, social, society, democracy,  critical thinking, skepticism, media,


One thought on “The Pros and Cons of Opinion Polls [4:24]

  1. One thing I find difficult in my experience of blogging is that we rarely hear what people ‘think of what we are doing’ in our blog. So I’m going to tell you what I think of your blog. I love watching your videos. This is an excellent idea. Thanks for doing it.


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