The Controversy Of Intelligence [12:38]


This video discusses a wide range of issues regarding the nature of intelligence, its history and varieties, as well as how to measure it.  The video starts with general intelligence and other early theories in the study of intelligence.  It then discusses Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence and focuses on Sherlock Holmes as a a perfect example of modern explorations of creativity.  The video then discusses emotional and social intelligence, the history of eugenics, intelligence testing, and IQ scores.

Discussion Questions

  • What was the g factor?  Why did early researchers think that one underlying intelligence explains everything?
  • What are the multiple intelligence’s that Gardner originally proposed to break down general intelligence?
  • What are the 5 factors that promotes creative intelligence?
  • What are the 3 components of emotional intelligence?
  • What are some of the pros of intelligence testing?  And how can it go wrong?

Keywords: intelligence, psychology, testing, academics, creativity, eugenics, social, school, emotion,


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