The Muppets Explain Phenomenology [2:48]


This super fun Muppet song shows two alien like puppets and a third party crasher singing about the nature of perception, mind, phenomenology, human experience, and how to make sense of the chaos of data we take in over our lives.  The general message is that life is pretty chaotic and super hard to make sense of, if we can figure it out at all.  So in response we shouldn’t worry too much about it, be humble with our opinions, and go with the flow.  The video is fun for all ages.  However, the ‘words’ are in a nonsense language and the kids will need to read along with the subtitles.

Discussion Questions

  • What do you think they mean by “phenomena”?
  • What is the difference between the sensation of seeing, hearing, and feeling and the things in the world that are seen, heard, and felt?
  • What do you think they mean that we try to but can’t make sense of the ‘data’ we constantly take in?  Do you agree or do you think life can easily make sense to most people?
  • If our experiences are mostly random and unconnected, what kinds of lessons can we try to take from this?  What roles do humility play?  What about courage, curiosity, or caution?

Keywords: puppets, song, phenomenology, perception, philosophy, qualia, humanistic, psychology


What Did you Think of the Video??

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