Why Some Countries are Poor and Others Rich [8:47]


School of Life presents the basics of global wealth inequality between today’s 192 countries of the world.  Inequality is just a fact about the world we live in, regardless of what you think about economics justice.  So what causes it?  The video focuses on three factors: institutions, culture, and geography.  The video argues that we should take these lessons to heart and learn modesty in our success and sympathy with others’ poverty.

Discussion Questions

  • What qualifies a country as ‘poor’?
  • What are the three factors that are the causes of poverty for a country?
  • How do corrupt institutions cause poverty?
  • What is ‘clan based thinking’ and how is it seen as fair?  Is it fair or corrupt?
  • What is the relationship between culture and religion with a country’s wealth?
  • How has geography historically affected the agriculture, health, transportation, and natural resources of a country?  How does that then subsequently affect wealth?
  • What moral lessons can we learn from all of this?

Keywords: economics, politics, income, inequality, wealth, poverty, culture, geography,


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