How Do Nerves Work? [4:59]


This video combines great visuals with simple explanations.  It covers what nerves do, how they operate, some basic terms, and how information in the brain works.  It’s a great video to explore the most basic description of how the cells in our brain collaborate to produce of feelings, sensations, and thoughts.  A good introduction to discussions of consciousness, naturalism, etc.

Discussion Questions

  • What are some of the things that nerves do?
  • How do nerves get their charge?  How do they pass that charge and ‘communicate’ with other nerves?
  • Part of Naturalism is the idea that our consciousness and personality is made up of physical, or natural, processes.  Do you think that the neurons in our brain ultimately make up who we are?

Keywords: nerves, psychology, brain, senses, experience, chemistry, biology, neuroscience, human body, neurons, naturalism, consciousness


What Did you Think of the Video??

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