Sam Harris: Mindfulness is Powerful, But Keep Religion Out of It [6:57]


Sam Harris explains his approach to “mindfulness” as a valuable tool for making fundamental discoveries about the nature of the mind.  It teaches us to understand that all is transitory, including our “self” and our emotions.  By interrupting thought and becoming a witness to our thought mindfulness leads us to be calmer and happier.  This is a straight-forward presentation best for high school and older.

Discussion Questions

  • What does Sam Harris say is the biggest lesson that mindfulness teaches us about the self?
  • What is the “enemy” of mindfulness?
  • What does mindfulness do to help us handle strong, negative emotions?
  • What is the problem with continuing to associate meditation with religion?

Keyword: Mindfulness, Buddhism, Consciousness, Happiness, Selflessness, Impermanence, religion, emotional intelligence, meditation, transcendence, ego, self


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