Freedom of Speech – Crash Course Government [6:51]


This is a fast talking, informative video appropriate for 9th grade and up, but even then I would offer some written outline or stop the video a couple of times to answer questions.  The narrator explains the rights and limits of free speech, explicitly pointing out what speech is not constitutionally protected, such as hate speech.  They review a couple of Supreme Court cases as well.

Discussion Questions

  • Does the Constitution protect you from having your freedom of speech limited by people other than the government, such as your boss?
  • What kind of speech has the highest level of constitutional protection, known as “preferred position”?
  • Is it true that you advocate overthrow of the government or violation of the law if your words are not likely to lead to such action?
  • What is “symbolic speech” that is Constitutionally protected?

Keywords: politics, freedom, liberty, speech, free, hate, first amendment, constitution, rights, government,


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