Finding Your Element [2:41]


The search for the self by way of finding even your most deeply buried talents and abilities. The stuff most of us probably never even guess at for our entire lives. Just because we’ve been taught that it isn’t there doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Why every person of every age has this fun intense amazing human capacity.

Discussion Questions

  • What keeps you from even knowing what your talents are?
  • How do we need to change the way we think of and find and then develop our talents?
  • Why should education focus “more on diversity rather than conformity”?  How can it?
  • Do you also consider finding where your “element” or talents or aptitudes lie to be an essential thing for human beings and flourishing?
  • What, if any, blocks are there to finding and using your talents? How can you first know what they are?  How can you remove or unlearn them?

Keywords: psychology, talent, ability, aptitude, education, conformity, career, flourishing, purpose


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