666 – Numberphile [11:05]


Numberphile gives a great history of one of the most famous numbers in history, and certainly the most famous in Christian history.  The number 666 is so pervasively associated with evil that many aren’t even aware of these religious roots.  The video goes in to the mystical study of numerology, which was often used merely to write codes.  Classically, 666 has been used in theology in a more mystical way.  The authors, however, argue that the Book of Revelations may have likely just been referring to Nero Caesar and not a mythical future anti-Christ.

Discussion Questions

  • What came to mind, before you listened to the video, when you hear “666”?
  • What is the Greek number of your name?
  • Do you think that the Book of Revelations originally referred to Nero?
  • How do you think Christians who believe in a fundamentalist End of Times style apocalypse would take this new theory that the book refers to Nero and politics and not the Anti-Christ and theology?

Keywords: numerology, 666, Armageddon, conspiracy theory, end times, apocalypse, Revelations, Christianity, Bible, religion


What Did you Think of the Video??

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