Is Homosexuality a Choice? [4:44]


Homophobes often justify their arguments by claiming that homosexuality is a choice.  After all, how can we be morally responsible for something that we have no control over?  The video covers a wide range of issues.  It discusses early theories about why some people are gay, explains twin and sibling studies, notes the prevalence of homosexuality in nature, and dismantles conversion or reparative therapy programs for homosexuality.

Discussion Questions

  • What do people argue that homosexuality is a choice?  Have you ever heard anyone argue this before?
  • What was Freud’s early theory explaining homosexuality?
  • Is homosexuality ‘unnatural’?  And would that be an argument against it?
  • What have twin and sibling studies shown about choice and sexual orientation?
  • Why do you think Ex-Gay Ministries still exist if they don’t work?

Keywords: gay, homosexuality, LGBT, queer, choice, conversion therapy, sex, twin studies, unnatural


What Did you Think of the Video??

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