The Humanist Manifesto III [4:48]


The first Humanist Manifesto, written in 1933, has started a beautiful tradition within Humanism of periodic reflection and, most importantly, revision of a new generation of what Humanism is and what its values are.  As the Preamble states, each new Manifesto is a democratic reflection of a variety of different minds, which no one person 100% agrees with although all do agree that the points it asserts will and should be updated by future generations.

Discussion Questions

  • Do you think that the Humanist Manifesto is just another religious creed or dogma?
  • What parts of the Manifesto do you agree and disagree with?
  • How would you define ‘Humanism’?
  • What values does Humanism think are the most important?
  • How is Humanism different than most religions?

Keywords: Humanism, Manifesto, Freethought, Movement, belief, creed, democracy, dogma, epistemology, knowledge, history


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