Christopher Hitchens Revises the Ten Commandments [8:06]


Christopher Hitchens goes over each of the classic Ten Commandments one at a time.  While a few are uncontroversial and even praiseworthy, like do not steal or bear false witness, many have a number inconsistencies, embarrassing for modern Christians, or are downright immoral.  During the last minute or so, Hitchens introduces his own basic ‘commandments’ of what we should and should not do.  Moral of the story, “do not swallow your moral code in tablet form.”

Discussion Questions

  • What problems or areas of improvement do you see for the classic Ten Commandments?  What parts do you agree with?
  • What do you think of Hitchens’ new version?
  • What commandments would you add?

Keywords: Christianity, Hitchens, laws, ten commandments, obedience, rules, ethics, morality, Humanism


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