A Universe Not Made For Us – Carl Sagan on Religion [9:14]


Carl Sagan begins with a discussion of the variety of creation stories and how most heavens and hells are simple extrapolations of our own politics.  Instead, science is slowly discovering more about the world we live in.  And it turns out, the universe is more different than anything we could have imagined and, ultimately, does not care about us or in fact could care.  In face of this new, harsh reality Sagan argues that we shouldn’t shrink back but face the world with awe, courage, and curiosity.

Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think different religions created all of their creation myths and stories about humanity’s place in the universe?
  • Is there any really difference between these religious and scientific stories?
  • If our universe doesn’t, or cannot, care for us, then what does that imply for purpose, meaning, and society?

Keywords: Sagan, creation, fear, hope, meaning, naturalism, purpose, science, religion, Humanism, inspiration


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