We Got Scared [8:40]


An absolutely beautiful and moving narration of, really, nothing less than the breadth of history and the hopeful but challenging future humanity has.  The first line of the video is “We are born through ingenuity and violence.”  Each step in history is one of bravery as a species in face of the tragedy of the world around us.  But all too often ‘we get scared’ and resort to violence and relying on the supernatural outside ourselves for salvation.  The odds against us are enormous.  However, hope still remains.  Curiosity, a passion for knowledge, human ingenuity, and awe for the poetry of reality can help us overcome our fear and face the challenges we still have.

Discussion Questions

  • What effect do you think relying on a supernatural salvation has?
  • What challenges do we face today that we must come together to solve?
  • Can science solve all of our problems?  What else might we need?

Keywords: dogma, fear, hope, history, progress, science, curiosity, war, conflict, inspiration,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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