Carl Sagan – A Way of Thinking [9:13]


The problem we face today is not the existence of pseudoscience and mysticism, but that we now have, to quote Sagan, a society based on science and technology in which no one understands science and technology.  For Sagan, science is not a list of facts but a way for fallible humans to investigate the wide world around us.  We need skepticism and mass education now more than ever, and we need to leave faith, or belief despite the absence of evidence, behind.  Through this rational way of thinking and dismissing the unfounded supernatural this world here and now becomes so much more precious.

Discussion Questions

  • What will happen to society without quality education?
  • Which do you think is more humble, faith and religion or science and humanism?
  • Are there any supernatural beliefs you might like to be true?

Keywords: Sagan, education, faith, naturalism, scientific method, skepticism, rationality, religion, critical thinking, philosophy, Humanism


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