What You Can Do About Climate Change [9:59]


The video starts with a short discussion of the causes of climate change.  Importantly, it discusses other greenhouses gases, or carbon dioxide equivalents, like methane.   The majority of the video goes over how to calculate your carbon footprint and wide range of ways you can easily reduce it.  For instance, consider limiting ‘food miles’ by buying local, eating less meat, vacationing closer to home, using public transportation, and changes you can make around the house to conserve heat in the winter.

Discussion Questions

  • What, and who, causes climate change?
  • Are we as individuals responsible for man-made climate change and other pollution?
  • How big do you think your carbon footprint is?  Try to give a rough guesstimate.
  • What are some changes that you can make right now?  When you get home?  Write a to-do list!

Keywords: climate change, environmentalism, global warming, pollution, responsibility


What Did you Think of the Video??

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