Curiousity – The Feynman Series [4:23]


With a little music, this interview with Richard Feynam, one of the most celebrated physicists ever, is sure to inspire future scientists and a new love of the strange, natural world around us.  “The world is very strange,” Says Feynman, “but the world is so simple.”  Feynman covers the breadth of what science is and what makes it absolutely amazing, especially the simple things like a butterfly’s wing or the colors we constantly see around us.

Discussion Questions

  • What is curiosity for the truth, and why is it so important?
  • Do you believe we are just a bunch of atoms?  What if we are?
  • Is there anything you think science won’t understand some day?
  • Look at a few things around you – the grass, buildings, the light coming through the window – and think about what it ‘really’ is and what science has discovered.

Keywords: science, naturalism, hope, scientific method, curiosity, Feynman, wonder, inspiration,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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