Preventing Childhood Anxiety and Depression [3:28]


This great video goes over some of the causes, big and small, of anxiety for kids.  Way too often these causes and symptoms go unnoticed and snowball.  Neutrino, our helpful alien narrator, introduces the various causes and ways we can prevent the start of serious depression.  Most importantly we need to shift our perspective from treating the disease of depression to being attentive and preventing it from starting in the first place.

Discussion Questions

  • When have you felt anxious about school, friends, chores, or other things?
  • How do you cope?  What are some ways we can make sure to avoid sinking into depression?
  • Why is talking about our feelings before they become a bigger problem so important?
  • Is anyone strong enough to deal with all of life’s challenges by themselves?  What role can friends, teachers, parents, and professional therapists play?

Keywords: positive psychology, emotions, anxiety, fear, community, depression, friendship, resilience, therapy, emotional intelligence


What Did you Think of the Video??

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