Resurrection Biology: How to Bring Animals Back From Extinction [10:27]


A range of moral issues exist around cloning, the extinction we’re causing, and biodiversity.  Charges often come that scientists are ‘playing god.’  Hank Green discusses the scientific and moral hurdles that exist around cloning recently extinct animals.

Discussion Questions

  • Do you ever think we’ll start cloning extinct animals?
  • Are there any moral issues around bringing extinct species back?  Is it ‘playing god’?  Do we have a responsibility to bring back species we kill off?
  • If we could bring back Neanderthals, what effect do you think that would have on society and religion?
  • If we can bring species back, does that lessen the harm we’re currently doing to biodiversity?
  • What extinct animal would you bring back first and why?

Keywords: extinction, biology, ethics, morality, neanderthals, resurrection, cloning


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