Marie Curie: Great Minds [9:42]


Marie Curie – two time Nobel Prize winner, pioneering female scientist, and atheist – is one of the few people might have actually turned into a superhero after being exposed to radiation.   Using self experimentation to study radioactivity, she went on to be the first person to win two Nobel Prizes in two separate disciplines, Physics and Chemistry.  She also overcame amazing personal and social crises to become the first women to earn a PhD in science and first to win a Nobel Prize – both of which she got in the same year!  Both her daughters also won Nobel prizes.  Oh, and she figured out radiation killed cancer and won awards as a war hero.

Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think no woman before Marie Curie had earned a PhD?
  • Why are role models like Curie so important?
  • Who are some of your other favorite female role models and why?

Keywords: Curie, feminism, role model, famous Freethinker, scientist,


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