Critical Thinking [5:12]


This video introduces critical thinking as a life skill necessary for independence and self-sufficiency.  Without critical thinking we are blindly reliant on others to think for us.  Further it allows us to approach new problems instead of leaning on solutions we’ve pre-learned.  The video then discusses the importance of curiosity, skepticism, and suspending judgment.  It ends criticizing false dichotomies, black and white thinking, and lists the various benefits of developing this cognitive skill.

Discussion Questions

  • Why is critical thinking important?  What if you didn’t have basic thinking skills?
  • What if you were good at critical thinking but aren’t curious or skeptical?
  • What are some debates that are often discusses with false dichotomies?  Why are is black and white thinking counterproductive?

Keywords: biases, critical thinking, curiosity, false dichotomy, life skills, rationality, skepticism, philosophy


What Did you Think of the Video??

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