Einstein’s Miracle Year [5:15]


Most people are familiar with Albert Einstein’s humble beginnings as a clerk and his amazing accomplishments that grew out of it.  However, most are not familiar that his four most amazing breakthroughs, which each revolutionized modern physics, happened within the same year.  This video discusses each of these four papers and their importance for science.  These discoveries include wave-particle duality, the existence of atoms, special relativity, and general relativity.

Discussion Questions

  • Who’s heard the myth that Einstein failed math?  Why do you think this myth has stuck around?
  • Does one need to be a professional scientist to do science?
  • What would happen if Einstein gave up when he got to the patent office?
  • How could we make sure that brilliant minds and ideas can be heard?

Keywords: Einstein, scientific method, relativity, physics,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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