What Makes Something Right or Wrong? Ft. Stephen Fry [3:09]


Stephen Fry discusses in the foundations of morality in a clear and simple way.  Some people believe that religious books or gods are the source of morality, but Humanists disagree.  Fry explains that Humanism thinks for itself.  We all must therefore be empathetic and think about the affects of our actions, the specific situation we’re in, and the desires of others.  Morality is then based on reason, experience, empathy, and respect for others.  The video also looks into the evolutionary and social history of morality.

Discussion Questions

  • How do many religious people understand morality?
  • What do Humanists understand morality in comparison?
  • What values and ideals are (most) important for a Humanist understanding of morality?
  • Do you think morality is unique to humans?  What do we share, or not share, with other species?
  • So, what makes something right or wrong?
  • What does the narrator mean by “morality is a human invention, and we should be proud of that”?

Keywords: moral theory, ethics, Humanism, naturalism, right, wrong, good, secularism


What Did you Think of the Video??

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