The Key to Media’s Hidden Codes [5:59]


Exposure to commercials, advertising, and other media, for better or worse, is on the rise.  Corporations producing this media take advantage of what we’re learning from psychology. This video will help to even the playing field so that we can avoid being swept up, and even brainwashed and lied to, by the advertising we are exposed to.  The video focuses on what makes a code and how codes affect our behavior.

Discussion Questions

  • How many commercials and other advertisements do you think you’re exposed to each day?
  • Why is a common, shared meaning important for codes?  How does context change meaning and what are some examples?
  • What are the three kinds of technical codes?
  • Why is understanding codes and media so important?  What happens if we stop caring about the information we continue to take in from advertisements?
  • What are some messages that advertising tries to sell us about what will make us happy or beautiful?  How do they do this?

Keywords: media, psychology, persuasion, information, subconscious, decoding, fads,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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