The Hidden Meanings of Ying and Yang [4:09]


The idea behind Yin and Yang is found in many cultures and religions around the world.  This video discusses the concept in Chinese Daoism, or Taoism.  The core idea is that “everything has the seed of its opposite.”  Further, Yin and Yang refer to opposing or polar ends of a spectrum which are relative to each other and encompasses almost everything.  Yang is harder, stronger, brighter, hotter, and faster.  It initiates action and is more energetic.  But Yang can easily turn into or exist because of Yin, as a cresting wave turns into a trough, sunbeams create shadows, or growing rice is eventually harvested.  The video ends with some beautiful Daoist life lessons.

Discussion Questions

  • What is Yin?  What is Yang?  And how are they different?
  • What things around you are Yang?  What is their complimentary Yin?  Now what some things that are Yin?
  • What are some of the moral or life lessons that Daoists take from the theory of Yin and Yang?

Keywords: daoism, ying, yang, good, evil, harmony, philosophy


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