Three Ways to Destroy the Universe [6:16]


This video starts with a discussion of the universe itself and the role of dark energy.  If Dark Energy exists, it leads us to three scenarios for the ‘end’ of the universe.  The first is the Big Rip, during which dark energy eventually overcomes the gravity between stars in a galaxy and, ultimately, even the bonds between particles in an atom.  The second is Heat Death, or the Big Freeze, when all matter eventually converts to energy and entropy spreads it throughout the universe.  The last is know as the Big Crunch (followed by the Big Bounce) in which the universe collapses on itself and, possibly, creates another Big Bang and a new universe.

Discussion Questions

  • The video argues that an infinite cycle of universes is a comforting thought.  Why do you think they say this?  Do you agree?
  • Does the inevitable death of the universe mean life now has no purpose or meaning?  Why or why not?

Keywords: universe, nature, purpose, meaning, Big Bang, cosmology, death,


What Did you Think of the Video??

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